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My name is Greg Chmiel and I'm a Chicago based content creator. I was born in poland and moved to the united states as a young child. despite my parents hopes that i would become a doctor or lawyer i decided to pursue a career in photography and FILMMAKING. From an early age i was FASCINATED with Capturing the world around me. I would sneak out of the house with my dads camera to film my friends and i skateboarding or borrow friends cameras to use for ski trips. everything CHANGED when i spent all the money i had saved up to buy my first dslr. My professional career began on the chicago music scene alongside artists like Chance The rapper, Vic mensa, and chief keef. since then i've spent the last six years capturing photos and video for brands all over the world and pursuing my love for skiing and being in the mountains. even though i've shot interviews and timelapses in foreign countries, food and product shots for restaurants around north america, won photo contests, sat in meetings with fortune 500 companies, photographed your favorite artists, and PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES and recently taken to the skies with aerial photography i feel like i'm just getting started. I plan to continue to grow as an artist and tell my story with high quality content and help others tell theirs.

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